The Perfect Tiles for Every Home

Welsh’s has operated as in independent tile retailer since 1980, however in 2018 we joined with Elegance Tiles. Elegance is an alliance of individually owned retailers, suppliers and manufacturers dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality products from around the world at the best possible price. We’re still Welsh’s, but with the backing of Elegance Tiles we’ve been able to expand our range to include products from the the highest quality manufacturers worldwide including facilities in Italy, Spain, Brazil, China and the UAE. We supply a huge range of floor, wall and outdoor tiles, and we’re serious about quality. Every tile we sell meets our stringent quality standards and we offer a range of products to suit all tastes and budgets.

Our Range includes
  • External non-slip floor tiles
  • Floors tiles
  • Heavy Duty Commercial
  • Light Commercial
  • Mosaics & Decorators
  • Walls
  • Waterproof and tiling systems warrantied from our major partners
Expert Interior Design Advice

When you’re shopping for new tiles, it’s natural that you might not know exactly what you’re looking for. That’s where the experienced, professional team at Welsh’s can help put you on the right track. We offer expert interior design advice in store, and we’re all about helping our customers find the perfect tiles.

We’d love to have a chat about your plans, colour schemes and ideas. Our friendly team can give you the best options and help you make the right tiling choice for your home or business.


External non-slip floor tiles

Looking for the perfect non-slip tiling for your outdoor areas? Entertaining areas, and especially the area around pools require the best in non-slip floor tiles. Keep your family safe without compromising on appearance with our range of external non-slip floor tiles. We’ve got a great range here, and we’d be happy to discuss your options with you.

Floor tiles

Every home is unique, and everybody has different style preferences. We understand that here at Welsh’s, which is why provide a huge range of floor tiles to suit all tastes and budgets. For residential or commercial floor tiles, you can’t go bast the great products, pricing and expert advice we provide at Welsh’s.


Does your business need tiling that’s built a bit tougher? Typically, floors and walls in a commercial setting need to withstand a bit more than your typical residential tiles. We stock a great range of heavy duty commercial tiles that aren’t only tough and durable, but look great at the same time. Commercial tiles don’t all need to be heavy duty, because we’ve got light commercial tiles for a range of purposes. Our selection of light commercial tiles look great, and they’re also built to last. Whether you’re updating a retail premises, renovating a restaurant or any other commercial building, we’ve got the right tiles for the job.

Mosaics & Decorators

Does your decorating plan include a bit more flair and colour than traditional tiling? If so, we’ve got all of the high-quality mosaics and decorative tiles you need. These tiles can be great to break up a room and add a personal feel to any space, so start shopping today!


When you need full wall coverage, individual tiles aren’t always the answer. Here at Welsh’s, we’re experts in all types of wall coverings from tiles to cladding. Don’t limit yourself to a certain style until you’ve seen all of your options, because our qualified design team are here to help.

Warrantied waterproof and tiling systems

We pride ourselves on delivering quality products that don’t cause you any problems in future. Our tiles are waterproof, and all of our tiling systems are backed by warranties from our major partners. Poor tiling products and installation can result in water damage, so don’t take the risk. Speak to the Warrnambool tiling experts today.